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The Star Singer (星の歌い手 , Hoshi no Utaite) is an ancient, immensely powerful being whose song is capable of resonating throughout the galaxy first seen in Macross Δ, and its theatrical adaptation, Macross Δ Movie: Passionate Walküre.


The Star Singer is said to be descended from the royal family line of Windermere, whose song is capable of drawing out the true power of the Protoculture structures littered throughout the galaxy. [1] Seen throughout the imagery of the Star Singer are symbols of birds and fishes, symbolizing Windermere and Ragna, helping draw a connection between the two cultures.

In Macross Δ, the genetic material of the Star Singer was stolen by New United Nations Government's forces while stationed on Windermere IV, and used to create Mikumo Guynemer. Under Lady M's guidance, Mikumo is placed into Walküre to test her singing abilities against the Vár Syndrome pandemic.

According to Berger Stone, emissary of the mysterious Epsilon Foundation, all Protoculture-influenced life has a genetic predisposition to be affected by song, a fact that would be exploited by Roid Brehm in his endgame. He manipulates a captured Mikumo Guynemer to sing the hypnotic Ruchetto Arukan ~ Hoshi no Uta, otherwise known as the "Star Song", which is first used to destroy an entire N.U.N.S. fleet and then later on Ragna's Protoculture ruins in order to link all life into a single consciousness.


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  • A portion of Ruchetto Arukan ~ Hoshi no Uta's melodies and lyrics are taken from the Protoculture love song, Do You Remember Love?
  • Roid claims that Windermerians are immune to the Star Song due to the runes in their hair. It's been speculated that Hayate Immelman's fold quartz necklace, along with his innate biological Fold Receptors, make him immune to the Star Singer's song.
  • The lyrics to the Star Song is actually a nonsensical mix of Zentran language and latin.
  • The Star Singer shares design similarities with the Bird Human, as seen in Macross Zero.


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