Super Dimension Fortress Macross (超時空要塞マクロス Chō Jikū Yōsai Makurosu?, lit. Super Spacetime Fortress Macross), also known as Chôjikû Yôsai Macross, or simply Macross, is a 1982 anime television series created by Studio Nue, Artland and Tatsunoko Production. It started the Macross metaseries and the Super Dimension Trilogy, both financially supported by the Big West advertising agency.

It was later adapted as the first part of Robotech by Carl Macek and Harmony Gold. It was followed by a theatrical adaptation, The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love? and a prequel, Macross Zero. It also received a modern manga adaptation, Super Dimension Fortress Macross The First.


Life is out there... and has made the stars its battlefield.

It is 2009. Ten years of furious conflict and frenzied construction have turned an alien wreck into human triumph; the colossal space battleship Macross. On the day of the ship's launch, a world waits with baited breath to witness mankind's next giant leap.

Hovering above the planet, though, the Zentradi, a merciless warrior race, seek to advance their agenda of destruction and conquest. When long-dormant systems aboard the Macross suddenly fire upon the alien fleet, the ship meant to preserve humanity may become its undoing. A war of attrition erupts, taking mankind across the solar system and beyond in a fight to justify its existence [1]!


Comprehensive Listing of Super Dimension Fortress Macross Episodes

Episode Title Japanese Airdate
01 Boobytrap (ブービー·トラップ?) October 3, 1982
02 Countdown (カウント·ダウン?) October 3, 1982
03 Space Fold (スペース·フォールド?) October 17, 1982
04 Lynn Minmay (リン·ミンメイ?) October 24, 1982
05 Transformation (トランス·フォーメーショ?) October 31, 1982
06 Daedalus Attack (ダイダロス·アタック?) November 14, 1982
07 Bye-Bye Mars (バイバイ·マルス?) November 21, 1982
08 Longest Birthday|ロンゲスト·バースデー}} November 28, 1982
09 Miss Macross (ミス·マクロス?) December 5, 1982
10 Blind Game (ブラインド·ゲーム?) December 12, 1982
11 First Contact December 19, 1982
12 Big Escape December 26, 1982
13 Blue Wind January 9, 1983
14 Global Report January 16, 1983
15 China Town January 23, 1983
16 Kung Fu Dandy January 30, 1983
17 Phantasm February 13, 1983
18 Pine (Apple) Salad February 20, 1983
19 Burst Point February 27, 1983
20 Paradise Lost March 6, 1983
21 Micro Cosmos March 13, 1983
22 Love Concert March 20, 1983
23 Drop Out March 27, 1983
24 Good-bye Girl April 3, 1983
25 Virgin Road April 10, 1983
26 Messenger April 17, 1983
27 Love Drifts Away April 24, 1983
28 My Album May 1, 1983
29 Lonely Song May 8, 1983
30 Viva Milia May 15, 1983
31 Satan's Dolls May 22, 1983
32 Broken Heart May 29, 1983
33 Rainy Night June 5, 1983
34 Private Time June 12, 1983
35 Romanesque June 19, 1983
36 Goodbye, Tenderness June 26, 1983



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  • HWR-00 Monster Mk II
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  1. Macross by Makoto Fujiwara


  1. Runner by Makoto Fujiwara (Episodes 1 to 35)
  2. Runner by Mari Iijima (Episode 36)


The original concept came from the staff at Studio Nue and Artland. Planning was done by Yoshimasa Ohnishi and Studio Nue with screenplays written by Kenichi Matsuzaki. Mechanical animation was directed by Ichiro Itano, mechanical designs were provided by Shoji Kawamori and Kazutaka Miyatake and character designs by Haruhiko Mikimoto, all of Studio Nue. Studio Nue required a big budget for such a show and thus required animation powerhouse Tatsunoko Productions but Tatsunoko also outsourced the work to cheaper studios like Anime Friend and Star Pro. The Big West advertising company financed the show, making it the first of their Super Dimension Trilogy.

The chief director was the highly experienced Noboru Ishiguro, who had directed Space Battleship Yamato, one of the shows that inspired and influenced young Studio Nue members.


The series originally aired on Mainichi Broadcasting System.

The series was originally licensed in North America by AnimEigo, who restored the series and released it unedited on DVD with Japanese audio and English subtitles [2]. At first, a limited edition pre-order boxset across nine discs was released on December 21, 2001. Preorders were available on AnimEigo's web store. Three smaller boxsets, each comprising three discs, were released from September 10, 2002 [3][4][5]. Finally, AnimEigo released nine individual volumes. In 2003 Madman Entertainment released a six-disc PAL format version of this edition entitled Macross Ultimate Collection.

In the summer of 2005, ADV Films announced that it would be releasing an English dub of Macross on January 10, 2006. It was later announced that Mari Iijima would be reprising her role as Lynn Minmay in English.[6] To commemorate this, then allowed fans to post online questions that would be answered by Mari Iijima herself.[7][8] Hikaru Ichijyo was voiced by Vic Mignona, the voice of Edward Elric of Full Metal Alchemist and Kurz Weber of Full Metal Panic![9]

The dub was streamed by Hulu in the United States from February 2010 but was removed in February 2013.[10]

On July 28, 2016, the un-remastered version of Super Dimension Fortress Macross became available on Amazon Video with English subtitles.[11]


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