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Sweet Fantasy is a song by Fire Bomber and was first released as an acoustic version on the album Let's Fire!! as track 3.

It was used as an insert song in the anime Macross 7.


Macross 7Edit

  • Episode 9 Angel Night
    • Fire Bomber practices the song after Mylene complains that their first single, Planet Dance had only reached 194 on the charts.
    • Mylene starts singing it to Alice Holiday once they are sheltered from the rain in an effort to encourage her to sing again, the rest of Fire Bomber eventually join in.
  • Episode 14 Fighting Woman Mayor, Milia
    • As Fire Bomber drive to the retirement home to perform for veterans.


hoshikuzu wo terashite um....BABY
sora ni mawari-dasu FANTASY
yoru ni niji o kakete um....BABY YEAH!
nana iro ni hikaru hoshi e to aruki-dasu

aoi densetsu no hane wo oikakete
yoru ga akeru made ni......
jiyuu-na kaze no you ni kimi to
kanaderu uchuu no MELODY

kodou wa ryuusei ni um....MAYBE
tokete yuku fushigi-na PARADAISU
metta yasashisa mo um....MAYBE YEAH
yukkuri to me o samaseba hanashi-dasu

ORENJI iro no hana wa kumo no ue
yureru you ni odoru [YEAH YEAH YEAH]
mayonaka ni ukabu nana iro no
himitsu wa kakureta MEMORY

shining on the stardust um....BABY
a FANTASY starts to revolve in the
sky at night, soars a rainbow
um....BABY YEAH!
I start to walk towards the stars
twinkling in the seven colors

chasing down the blue legendary
feathers until the night becomes
daylight......[FLY FLY FLY]
with you like the free wind
a cosmic MELODY is playing

my throbbing is a um....MAYBE
mysterious paradise that loosens meteors
also looking gentle um....MAYBE YEAH
slowly and if you wake up, I'll start to talk

an orange flower is on top of the cloud
dance in a swaying manner [YEAH YEAH YEAH]
during the middle of night, the secret of
the seven [rainbow] colors that come to mind
is a MEMORY that was hidden

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