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This isn't for this article per se, but for the overall wiki in general.

I still don't understand why contributors aren't allowed to take content from Wikipedia. Is it that grave a faux pas if contributors use Wiki articles as a base for expansion on this site?

You restrict stuff being taken from Wikipedia wholesale is fine, but why replace it with write short, grammatically poor summations of characters, mecha and shows? How is this helpful to anyone? You keep erasing stuff that's taken from the wiki, and dismiss it as "fan fiction", but how could it be? That's actually what happens in the show.

If the stuff is already written well on Wiki, I see no problem taking stuff from that site. It stifles creativity, and wards of potential contributors from even bothering to help with this site. I hope you will lax your style rules for this site. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Mechap (talkcontribs)

Because Wikipedia is not a primary source. When you add new information tell us the episode you saw it in, the chapter you read it in etc. The following are and you must use <ref> </ref> tags or Template:Cite where applicable:
  • Plot Summaries provided in episode articles, chapter articles, or if they consist of one installment; movie or OVA articles which are written throughly by contributors on this site are usable as a source on other articles on this wiki and are cited using a Template:Cite.
  • Books such as Macross Perfect Memory, cited using the <ref> </ref> tags, please specify the page number too.
  • Macross Chronicle, use Sketchley's Translations. Remember to specify the date of the issue and page numbers in the <ref> </ref> tags.
  • Extracts from and video packaging, toy packaging, model packaging, liner notes, booklets etc. The ones provided in the subtitle-only AnimEigo release of Super Dimension Fortress Macross are available online.
You are not necessarily restricted to these; for example, if Anime News Network, Crunchyroll did an interview with Shoji Kawamori, you would be free to source from that, but Wikipedia is known not to be primary source hence it should never be used as one. In fact, if you do copy from Wikipedia you must at least use Template:Wikipedia to give credit to the users on Wikipedia that wrote the stuff you copied.--FortressMaximus #realcanon #TruEU #2016YearofMecha (Talk) 02:10, December 31, 2015 (UTC)
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