The United Nations Spacy (統合宇宙軍 Tōgō Uchūgun?, usually referred to as U.N. Spacy and sometimes U.N.S.) is a faction featured in the official Macross Timeline. They also appear in the Super Dimensional Fortress Macross II: Lovers Again and its movie adaptation. The U.N. Spacy are the space warfare branch of the United Nations Military, although they can also engage in aerial and maritime warfare like the U.N. Air Force and U.N. Navy do, respectively. They were succeeded by the New United Nations Spacy in the official timeline.


The organization's name is a portmanteau of Space and Navy, therefore making the word Spacy. It was established after 1999 by the successor to the modern United Nations in order to defend Earth from a possible attack by hostile aliens. However, from 1999 to 2008 the U.N. Spacy was also involved in the Unification Wars, fighting against a human Anti-U.N. faction opposed to the formation of the worldwide U.N. government. A year later the U.N. Spacy was involved in the subsequent Space War I, defending Earth from an hostile extraterrestrial race called the Zentradi.[1] At the time of the Zentradi invasion, the U.N. Spacy's assets included military bases on Earth, the Moon and Mars, squadrons of variable fighters and other mecha, several capital ships in orbit and the repaired SDF-1 Macross on South Ataria Island, the flagship of the United Nations Spacy.[2][3]


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See also: Macross Parodies and Pop Culture References The term "Spacy" (宇宙軍 Uchū Gun?, lit. "space military" or "space army") was coined by the show's creators as a portmanteau of "space" and the suffix "-y" to be analogous to the words army (陸軍 Riku Gun?, lit. "land military" or "land army") and navy (海軍 Kai Gun?, lit. "maritime military" or "maritime army"). This word has been subsequently used in sci-fi media outside of the Macross franchise.


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