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The VA-3M Invader (VA-3 インベーダー VA-3 Inbēdā) is a variable fighter seen in the game Macross VF-X2 and mentioned in Macross The Ride.

Technology and Combat Character[]

The VA-3M is a variant of the standard Invader variable fighter built to be used for underwater warfare as well as surface/air operations. The VA-3M utilizes the same head unit as the VA-3 but features completely new pontoon/arm units. The amphibious VA-3M is armed with missiles and torpedoes for underwater combat and both of the traditional laser cannons in the forward pontoons/arm units are replaced with more versatile beam guns.

When submerged underwater, the VA-3M has a special configuration that folds the main wings down and the rear horizontal stabilizers rotate forward to assist in underwater maneuvering.



  • Fixed beam guns x 1
  • Fixed micro-missile launchers x 2
  • Hard points for high-manuverability missiles and torpedoes (for underwater use only)


On December 1st, 2050 the 727th Independent VF-X Ravens "Alpha Team" pursued the Vindarance terrorists to Eden 3. In order to assault the submarines of the Vindarance forces, Commander Aegis Focker of the VF-X Ravens piloted a VA-3M and attacked the underwater forces. The heavy weaponry and versatile capabilities of the M variant Invader helped Focker succeed in destroying the enemy forces.

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