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The VE-1 "ELINT Seeker" Valkyrie is a Variable Fighter first featured in The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love? movie. A dual seater varible fighter with sensor equiment, it was developed from the VT-1 "Super Ostrich" Valkyrie.


A faster and much more extensively equipped electronic warfare variable fighter, the VE-1 "ELINT Seeker" saw service later in Space War I as a reconnaissance and ECM/ECCM unit. The unofficial designation "ELINT" stands for ELectronic Signals INTelligence, and refers to intelligence gathering by use of electronic sensors. Built by Shinnakasu Heavy Industries (with subcontractor Bifors), the VE-1 combines the capabilities of the FAST Pack space booster system with extensive electronic warfare hardware.

Two CTB-04 conformal propellant/coolant tanks (mounted on the leg/engines), two NR-BP-E3 booster thrusters mounted on the dorsal section and two NR-FS-E3 units mounted on the leg/engines provide plenty of fuel for long-range operations and additional thrust for quick evasion. The customized FAST Packs also house the majority of the unit's electronic warfare equipment including lateral, multi-directional and omni-directional radar systems. This two-seater variant quickly became a valuable support craft on the battlefield, assisting both fighter and capital ship scale long-range combat operations.


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