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The VF-0D Phoenix is a variable fighter that appears in the Macross Zero OVA.

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The VF-0D Phoenix is a two-seat variant of the standard VF-0 variable fighter and features larger main wings for improved range. For maneuverability, the VF-0D has two large canards mounted ahead of the main wings and two ventral stabilizers near the intakes. The increased surface are of the main wing allows the VF-0D to carry 20% greater maximum payload than the VF-0A Phoenix and VF-0S Phoenix variants and is capable of mounting most former United States/NATO standard aviation weaponry. Shin Kudō and Edgar LaSalle piloted a VF-0D during the events surrounding the island of Mayan in 2008.


  • Mauler laser cannon (mounted on head turret) x 1
  • Howard three-barrel GPU-9 35mm gatling gun pod featuring adjustable rate-of-fire for 60/1,250/2,500 rounds-per-minute, driven by a 90-horsepower electric motor, muzzle velocity 1,100 m/s (550 rounds total, capable of utilizing heavy armor-piercing or AHEAD ammunition) x 1

Bombs & Missiles:

  • Underwing variable pylon hard points for 12 x standard Raytheon Bifors AIM-200A AMRAAM 2 I/ALH-guided medium-range air-to-air missiles (three-missile racks, 1/point) x 4
  • GH-28A 8-tube general-purpose micro missile launchers (capable of firing 3 volleys) x2
  • HAIM-95A medium-range maneuverability missile launcher pods originally used in attack craft equipment (special attack/assault specification) x 2

Optional Armament:

  • External atmospheric combat super parts/conformal fuel tank FAST Pack with 24 x Raytheon Erlikon GH-30B I/IR-guided micro-missiles each (mounted one per leg/engine nacelle); 1 x standard gun pod spare magazine stored in super part x 2

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