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The VF-11B Super Thunderbolt is a variable fighter that was first featured in the Macross Plus OVA and Macross 7 television series.


The VF-11, designed for high atmospheric maneuverability and plentiful direct fire weaponry, largely lacked missile ordnance. As a way of offsetting the VF-11's lack of missile armament, and to improve performance in space operations, the Super Part system was deployed on the VF-11B.

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The Super Part system included two dorsal mounted NP-SP-09 booster units featuring two booster nozzles and two Hughes HMMM-Mk 6 micro-missile launchers for each unit. The system also included two engine mounted NP-SF-09 propellant tank units featuring one chaff/flare dispenser per tank unit. This Shinsei Industries manufactured Super Part system greatly enhanced the VF-11B's maximum thrust and numerous vernier thrusters assisted the maneuverability of the Thunderbolt variable fighter for space operations. The four micro-missile launchers (with exit ports on the forward dorsal sections of the NP-SP-09 units) diversified the weapons compliment of the VF-11 and increased the variable fighter's operational capacity.

These improvements were so successful in the field that nearly all VF-11 variable fighters were equipped with Super Parts whenever deployed for operations in space and the Super configuration became ubiquitous with the recognition of the Thunderbolt. Eventually the Super Part booster nozzles were improved, altering the originally funnel-shaped nozzles into a more rectangular shape found most often on the model VF-11C.



  • Anti-aircraft pulse laser gun x 1
  • Bulletproof shield x 1
    • Stores two gun pod magazines
  • 30mm 6-barrel gun-pod
    • Fires micro-missiles and comes with an optional anti-armour bayonet.
  • Special equipment hard point stations for external space Super Part units

Special Equipment & FeaturesEdit

  • FAST Pack system

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