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The VF-11C Thunderbolt is a variable fighter that was first featured in the Macross Plus OVA and Macross 7 television series.


As the main variable fighter of the U.N. Spacy in 2038, numerous VF-11C Thunderbolts are stationed aboard the 37th Long Distance Colony Fleet as it is lead by the 7th New Macross class battleship.

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

This version of the Thunderbolt variable fighter features enhanced navigational electronic equipment (this upgrade was eventually installed in all VF-11 fighters from 2040 onward, starting with the first squadron). In 2045 the VF-11C squadrons are deployed in combat regularly since the outbreak of hostilities against the Varauta Army.

Originally the VF-11C benefited from improved safety features which jettisoned the entire cockpit section of the craft in the event of the variable fighter's destruction. However, this feature has not improved pilot safety in combat against the Varauta and many ejected pilots find themselves subjected to the Spiritia draining weaponry of Varauta mecha. Nonetheless, the VF-11C remains the backbone of the UNS forces for deep space colonization fleets. With hulls painted in bright blue-white, the VF-11C variable fighters of the Macross 7 fleet serve with distinction under command of Captain Maximilian Jenius.



  • Anti-aircraft pulse laser gun x 1
  • Bulletproof shield x 1
    • Stores two gun pod magazines
  • 30mm 6-barrel gun-pod
    • Fires micro-missiles and comes with an optional anti-armour bayonet.
  • Special equipment hard point stations for external space Super Part units

Special Equipment & FeaturesEdit

  • FAST Pack system

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