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The VF-11C Thunderbolt Aeropace is a variable fighter introduced in Macross 7. It was used by the U.N. Spacy and was specially designed by General Galaxy.


Near the end of the Protodeviln War in 2046, the U.N. Spacy command ordered the Macross 7 fleet to destroy the fourth planet of the Varauta system with reaction weapons. The mission was highly dangerous and involved heavy combat. The VF-11C Thunderbolts taking part in the operation would require added firepower for the battles that would take place around and upon the surface of the Varauta planet.

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The Space/Atmospheric Super Parts provide increased additional thrust for the VF-11C and a large complement of missile ordnance for heavy combat. The VF-11C can utilize the Super Parts in both space and the atmosphere and are ideal for trans-atmospheric operations. During Operation Stargazer in February 2046, several squadrons of VF-11C Thunderbolts from the Macross 7 fleet took part in combat while equipped with Space/Atmospheric Super Parts.

Optional HardwareEdit

  • External Atmospheric High-Maneuverability Super Parts

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