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The VF-11D Thunder Focus (VF-11D サンダーフォーカス VF-11D Sandā Fōkasu) is a civilian-based variable fighter from Macross The Ride. Its main purpose is broadcasting and covering live events such as the "Vanquish races".

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The VF-11D Thunder Focus is based on the 2-seater trainer variant of the VF-11D, modified for broadcast journalism. They are equipped with a large Camera Pod that simultaneously serves as a camera and a powerful directional communication system, the VF-11D Thunder Focus has a super-long range filming function that equals those used by U.N. Spacy for their armed reconnaissance craft.

In addition, the Thunder Focus is built with specifications that are equal to a small emigrant fleet's broadcasting office, as the specialized onboard AI is able to provide real-time information editing capability. Industry insiders have nicknamed it "the Mobile Studio".

While covering the Vanquish races, the VF-11D Thunder Focus were provided with custom Super Packs to provide coverage as it didn't have enough thrust to follow the Advance Variable Fighters racers.

Photographic EquipmentEdit

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