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The VF-171 Nightmare Plus is a Variable Fighter that first appeared in Macross Frontier. It is mass produced fleet defense unit of the New United Nations Spacy that is originally based on the special operations VF-17S Nightmare.


The VF-171 Nightmare Plus is the current New United Nations Spacy main variable fighter that evolved from the VF-17S Nightmare built in the late 2030s. The VF-17 Nightmare was designed by General Galaxy originally as a heavy variable fighter for special operations, but the New U.N. Spacy wished to pursue a mass production model of the Nightmare that would be built in far greater numbers.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Since the VF-17 Nightmare proved difficult to mass-manufacture, the VF-171 Nightmare Plus was redesigned in 2050 as a comparatively downgraded version that was a more cost effective option to procure. While effectively a lesser version of the VF-17 Nightmare, the VF-171 Nightmare has also been improved and modified to enhance maneuverability and extend the craft's service life. In building the VF-171 Nightmare Plus, the most outwardly noticeable changes General Galaxy made were to extend the nose and enlarge the cockpit canopy for a superior field-of-view. The engine/leg units were also redesigned and the main wing, fuselage and arm units were changed for improved aerodynamic characteristics. Lastly, the defensive capabilities of the VF-171 were also strengthened and the Nightmare Plus features a pin-point barrier system.

Designed so that even average pilots can operate the craft effectively in multiple roles, the VF-171 Nightmare Plus is deployed aboard the Macross Frontier fleet as a manned variable fighter/bomber. With a variety of optional hardware available, the VF-171 Nightmare Plus is a low cost and versatile variable fighter.



  • Gun Pod
    • Howard GU-14B or General Galaxy MC-17C
  • Mauler REB-22 Beam Cannon
  • Erikon AAB-7B Beam Cannon
  • Bifors BML-02S Micro-Missile Launchers


  • SSL-9B Dragunov Sniper Rifle
  • AVPAGC/MEDC30-EX-A 30mm Quantum Beam Gun

Special Equipment & Features

  • Underwing Hardpoints
  • Pin-Point Barrier System
  • AAS-171 Armored Pack


  • VF-171EX Nightmare Plus

Production Remarks

According to Shōji Kawamori, the VF-171 Nightmare Plus was chosen as the main variable fighter for the 2059 setting because the previously designated U.N. Spacy main variable fighter, the VF-19F Excalibur, appeared too much like a "hero" unit. Kawamori also desired a fighter that was clearly distinguishable from the hero unit of the Macross Frontier series, the VF-25 Messiah

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