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The VF-17T Nightmare Custom is a variable fighter introduced in Macross 7. It was used by the U.N. Spacy and was specially designed by General Galaxy for Sound Force.


Ray Lovelock was approached by the U.N. Spacy to once again serve in the military after his retirement under distressing circumstances. Ray accepted the unique proposal and became involved in Operation M, commanded by Macross 7 Captain Maximilian Jenius. Originally involving only two members (Lovelock himself and Basara Nekki) the initial mandate of Operation M involved the deployment of only one customized VF-19 Excalibur Custom, piloted by Basara Nekki.

Later in 2045, the paramilitary unit Sound Force was established and Ray Lovelock was assigned to his own variable fighter, a custom VF-17T Valkyrie. The Special Technologies Group onboard the Macross 7 extensively modified a two-seater VF-17T with an internal sound system and more powerful engines. Ray Lovelock would pilot this VF-17T Custom into combat along side Sound Force, with Veffidas Feaze as copilot.

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The VF-17T Custom is primarily deployed as a Sound Energy variable fighter. The VF-17T Custom is not a direct combat unit (similar to the VF-19 Custom) and as such carries only two laser cannons and four micro-missile launchers for emergency use only. The primary offensive weapon is a speaker-pod-shooting launcher pod (mounted with exit port in ventral fuselage/lower legs, ejecting from lower leg section into manipulator for Heavy Battroid mode).

These armor-penetrating speaker pods can pierce through the hull of enemy mecha and transmit audio from the Sound Energy Converting system onboard the VF-17T Custom directly to the enemy pilots. Ray Lovelock and Veffidas Feaze, as part of the rock music band Fire Bomber, participated in numerous sorties with the Sound Force unit. Along with Basara Nekki in the VF-19 Excalibur Custom and Mylene Flare Jenius in the VF-11MAXL Sound Force could muster incredible amounts of sound energy for use against the Varauta Army as they fought valiantly in the Protodeviln War.

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