The VF-17 Nightmare is a variable fighter introduced in Macross 7. It was used by the U.N. Spacy and was specially designed by General Galaxy for stealth use. It was succeeded by the VF-171 Nightmare Plus.

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In the mid 2020's the U.N.G. was already invested in the development of the VF-11 Thunderbolt, but motivation was high for the continuing innovation of new OverTechnology applications in the hopes of building even better variable fighter craft. Ever a company known for pushing the envelope, General Galaxy was contracted by the U.N.G. to build a different type of variable mecha and thus began the development of the VF-17 Nightmare in 2026. While the VF-11 took first flight after only six years of design, the complicated and exacting research of the VF-17 didn't produce a viable craft until the variable fighter's first flight 2035. With the success of the flight tests, the U.N. Spacy adopted the VF-17 as a second line variable mecha and included squadrons on many of the colonization fleets, notably the 37th long-distance colonization fleet lead by the 7th Battle Class Stealth Space Attack Carrier in 2038. The VF-17 Nightmare is a radically different variable fighter than previous generations, featuring completely new wing and transformation systems. Primarily designed as a special operations variable fighter and heavy Battroid, the VF-17 is both larger and heavier than most other Valkyries and features minimal atmospheric control surfaces subsequent to its primary role as a space fighter. To offset the nearly 12 ton weight, the VF-17 operates two extremely powerful Shinnakasu Heavy Industry/P&W/Roice FF-2100X thermonuclear turbine engines with over twice as much thrust as the VF-11B. These incredibly powerful engines produce enough thrust for the VF-17 to achieve orbit unaided (the first production model variable fighter to do so) while also making the craft an ideal space superiority fighter. In addition to these powerful flight characteristics, the Nightmare is also designed as a stealth mecha and utilizes internally stored weaponry. As was typical following the success of a variable fighter, the VF-17 was eventually fitted with several equipment packages from Radomes and Fold Boosters to customized weaponry and Super Pack systems (though the VF-17 generally avoids the use of Super Parts and external weapons to maintain passive stealth capabilities).


Macross 7Edit

The VF-17 Nightmare is the standard-issue fighter for elite class pilots, particularly the Diamond Force. The pilot that used it the most was Gamurin Kizaki, who later became the leader of Diamond Force after it was re-established as an escort force for City 7.

When her VF-1J Valkyrie got destroyed, Mayor Milia Fallyna Jenius acquired her own VF-17 and had it painted in her trademark red color, essentially negating the stealth aspect. She sortied with it a few times before replacing it with the VF-22 Sturmvogel II.

Macross Plus Movie EditionEdit

VF17T-Na Plus-Movie

VF-17T trainer craft in Fighter mode parked in front of VF-11 Thunderbolts in Battroid mode at a UN Spacy hangar.



The VF-17 was built in several different versions, but the VF-17D in service during the early 2040's is the most distinguished model. Notable U.N. Spacy pilot Gamlin Kizaki piloted a VF-17D Nightmare during his service in Macross 7's elite unit Diamond Force until his promotion to Full Lieutenant when he was assigned a VF-17S. It was originally the intention of the UN Spacy that the VF-17 Nightmare be replaced as the primary special operations fighter of the UN Spacy by the VF-22S Sturmvogel II, also a General Galaxy design. However, by 2050's the UN Spacy itself would undergo organizational changes as the New UN Spacy (NUNS) and priorities would also change. General Galaxy redesigned the VF-17 Nightmare into the VF-171 Nightmare Plus, a new main fighter/bomber for the New UN Spacy forces (circa 2059).



The VF-17S variant in Battroid mode.


The VF-17S variant in Fighter mode.

The VF-17S is a variant to the standard Nightmare variable fighter featuring increased firepower and more powerful engines. It has become accepted practice in the UN Spacy to assign slightly modified variable fighters to team leaders and command officers so the VF-17S was built in line with that operational policy. Featuring a new head unit with one extra sensor installed, firepower is improved with four anti-aircraft laser guns rather than just a single pair of guns. The VF-17S is also designed with two Shinnakasu Heavy Industry/P&W/Roice FF-2100X Custom thermonuclear turbine engines that provide an additional 9,000 kg [x g] of thrust. Diamond Force commander Lt. Kinryu piloted a VF-17S with a yellow highlighted hull while serving aboard the Macross 7 in 2045. Later Gamlin Kizaki would pilot his own VF-17S and City 7 Mayor and veteran ace pilot Milia Fallyna Jenius would fly a custom red VF-17S.


Ray Lovelock was approached by the UN Forces to once again serve in the military after his retirement under distressing circumstances. Ray accepted the unique proposal and became involved in Operation M, commanded by Macross 7 Captain Maximillian Jenius. Originally involving only two members (Lovelock himself and Nekki Basara) the initial mandate of Operation M involved the deployment of only one customized VF-19 variable fighter, piloted by Basara. Later in 2045, the paramilitary unit Sound Force was established and Ray Lovelock was assigned to his own variable fighter, a custom VF-17T valkyrie. The Special Technologies Group on board the Macross 7 extensively modified a two-seater VF-17T with an internal sound system and more powerful engines. Ray Lovelock would pilot this VF-17T Custom into combat along side Sound Force, with Veffidas Feaze as copilot.

The VF-17T Custom is primarily deployed as a Sound Energy variable fighter. The VF-17T Custom is not a direct combat unit (similar to the VF-19 Custom) and as such carries only two laser cannons and four micro-missile launchers for emergency use only. The primary offensive weapon is a speaker-pod-shooting launcher pod (mounted with exit port in ventral fuselage/lower legs, ejecting from lower leg section into manipulator for Heavy Battroid mode). These armor-penetrating speaker pods can pierce through the hull of enemy mecha and transmit audio from the Sound Energy Converting system on-board the VF-17T Custom directly to the enemy pilots. Ray Lovelock and Veffidas Feaze, as part of the rock music band Fire Bomber, participated in numerous sorties with the Sound Force unit. Along with Nekki Basara in the VF-19 Custom and Mylene Jenius in the VF-11MAXL Sound Force could muster incredible amounts of sound energy for use against the Varauta Army as they fought valiantly in the Protodeviln War.

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  • The VF-17 Nightmare is based off the similarly named and designed real-life stealth fighter, the F-117 Nighthawk.

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