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The VF-1A SFV-26 Cavalier (VF-1A SFV-26 キャヴァリアーズ Bui Efu Ichi Ei Esu Efu Bui Nijūroku Kyavu~ariāzu) is a custom variable fighter featured in the Super Dimension Fortress Macross television series. They're a dark-colored variants of the VF-1A Valkyries that were used in Space War I.


In the March of 2009,[1] the engineers on the SDF-1 Macross detected a D-fold signature at starboard six o'clock. Vanessa Laird confirmed to Captain Global that radars reported a massive D-fold signature as well as several unidentified objects that had appeared behind them and were closing rapidly.

Misa Hayase confirmed their hostile status. The other bridge members gathered around First Lieutenant Hayase's console and Captain Global ordered her to take them to full battle readiness. She radioed everyone on the ship to tell them that there was an enemy attack with hostile units approaching. She ordered all Valkyrie squadrons to scramble all of their units. Among the units were at least two VF-1A SFV-26 Cavaliers. (SDFM: "Transformation")

Notes & Trivia

  • Their first and only animated appearance to date is in episode 5 of the original series. Their official name was established with the release of the Yamato 1/60|1/60 VF-1A SFV-26 Cavaliers from Yamato.


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