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The VF-1X++ (Hakuna SP) (VF-1X++ ダブルプラス VF-1X++ Daburu Purasu) is a variable fighter piloted by Hakuna Aoba from Macross The Ride.

Technology & Combat CharacteristsEdit

Developed in A.D. 2057 from the VN-1X-Plus by Nova Industrie, it saw limited deployment. It was adapted with OTM heat pile cluster system technology (after Space War I which in weight reduction while improving overall strength of the aircraft. The VF-1X++ then saw great demand in special forces operations due to its low profile, as well as the retirement of many VF-1s in the 2050s.


The VF-1X++ made an appearance in the Vanquish races in A.D. 2058. The aircraft was modified by Hakuna Aoba to be able to compete with technologically more advanced competitors. Hakuna's VF-1X++ had its original engines replaced with an LAI ELA-3000 thermonuclear burst turbine, and the legs were modified to be able to equip a Super Pack meant for a VF-11B Thunderbolt. Its color scheme consists of red tattoo-like markings with the motif of flying fish along a white background.


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