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The VF-22HG Schwalbe Zwei (VF-22HG シュヴァルベII(ツヴァイ) VF-22HG Shuvu~arube II (Tsuvu~Ai)) is a variable fighter from Macross The Ride.


The VF-22HG Schwalbe Zwei was first adopted by the U.N. Spacy as the special operations aircraft as a successor to the VF-17S Nightmare, improving the airframe and Brain Direct Image system (BDI) over the Galaxy Corporation's original concept, the YF-21, aimed at "Fusion of man and machine".

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

As well as improving the flight control system, sub hovering nozzles are installed in the leg sections which controls the fuselage during GERWALK, improving low-altitude dog-fighting. Without the aid of implants, flight control are very difficult and as a result, the Galaxy Corporation would be inclined to have the combination of an exclusive unit for an enhanced soldier and special-purpose aircraft, ultimately leading to the development of YF-27-5 Shaher Femail and VF-27γ Lucifer.


Several VF-22HG were produced for trial purposes and most were later used for black operations of the corporate army. Angers 672 owns the fourth unit seized by "True Earth Fleet" from an auxiliary vessel of Galaxy. Due to the structure of the BDI, this model is not suitable for production and only the "True Earth Fleet" has spare parts for Anger's unit.



  • Erikon AAB-7 anti-aircraft high-powered converging beam cannon.
  • Mauler REB-22 laser beam gun.
  • Fighter-mode tail stabilizers act as shields in GERWALK and Battroid modes
  • Bifors BML-02S internal micro-missile launchers.
  • Hughes/GE GV-17L gun pods

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