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The VF-2JA Icarus (VF-2JA イカロス VF-2JA Ikarosu), also known as Icarus, is a variable fighter that appears in the Super Dimensional Fortress Macross II: Lovers Again and its compilation movie.


Designed as a second main variable fighter of the U.N. Forces, the VF-2JA Icarus is a nimble and well-armed variable fighter. The U.N. Forces decided that the best use of variable fighter resources was to develop dedicated space variable fighters and atmospheric variable fighters.

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

Though all variable fighters were equipped to operate in all environments, the VF-2SS Valkyrie II was optimized for operation in space while the VF-2JA Icarus was optimized for operation within the atmosphere. The VF-2JA was also more heavily armed in standard configuration and included an optional Missile Pack system that could be used in the atmosphere.

The VF-2JA Icarus differs from the VF-2SS by utilizing only beam weaponry. The main armament is a beam rifle and two beam cannons mounted in the forward nose. The head unit also features two laser cannons that can be utilized in all combat modes.

The special Icarus missile packs are a pair of two-tube launchers that add to the VF-2JA the capability to fire missiles.


The VF-2JA was a very high performance variable fighter and was able to engage any enemy mecha. During the Mardook Invasion, the VF-2JA fought a variety of Mardook mecha and was more than adequate to defeat the enemy.

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