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The VF-2SS Valkyrie II (VF-2SS バルキリーII, VF-2SS Barukirī II), also known as VALKYRIE II, is the main variable fighter of the Super Dimensional Fortress Macross II: Lovers Again OVA and its compilation movie.


The VF-2SS Valkyrie II is the main variable fighter of the U.N. Spacy in A.D. 2092. Development began in the 2060s and the VF-2SS first rollout was in 2072. The VF-2SS first deployment in combat was against a major Zentradi invasion in 2082.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Born out of the VF-2 programs, the VF-2SS is a space-optimized craft using a rail gun as opposed to the older gatling gun pods.

Like previous generation variable fighters, the VF-2SS can transform into Fighter, GERWALK and Battroid configurations for use in varied combat conditions. For combat the VF-2SS is armed with only a pair of beam cannons in the dorsal fuselage which becomes the head turret in Battroid mode. However, the VF-2SS Valkyrie II is rarely deployed without the Super Armor Pack (SAP) system equipped.

Although the cockpit is single-seated, there is enough space in the back for a single person to occupy, and there have been cases where more could fit when rescued civilians who were captured by the Mardook Army were brought on-board. The canopy has no frame and offers pilots excellent visibility. Battroid form completely covers this area with a cover and has pilots rely on a monitor image from an external camera.



  • Anti-aircraft laser gun gun pod


  • Squire (Arms outside the main unit)
  • RG-022 Railgun (SAP)
  • Missile launcher x 2 (SAP)

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