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The VF-3000 Crusader is a variable fighter from the game Macross M3.


The VF-3000 is a variable fighter built by Stonewell/Bellcom, a new company formed via the merger of those separately named companies. Born from the need of a successor to the VF-1 Valkyrie, the VF-3000 Crusader was one of the capability improvement proposals within the development plan of the VF-1. The Crusader benefitted from extensive operational data of the VF-1 and was designed with the aim of enhancing performance and to improve equipment by enlarging the VF-1 while simultaneously eliminating its shortcomings. The VF-3000 is a much larger variable fighter than the VF-1 yet while performance surpassed that earlier variable fighter the Crusader remained out of full-scale mass production and only a small number were produced for testing. The Crusader was intended to be licensed to various independent national factions within the United Nation Government sphere of influence and was to incorporate proprietary technologies from each buyer.

Technology and Combat Characteristics[]

The VF-3000 had a stretched, elongated body that unfortunately tends to make the Battroid/GERWALK joints slip slightly. Possibly due to this design flaw, few Crusader units were ever produced. However, mass production was officially passed in favor of production of the VF-4 Lightning III, a craft developed at the same time that was pushed forward and formerly adopted. Stonewell/Bellcom and Shinnakasu Heavy Industries later developed the VF-5000 Star Mirage utilizing operational data from the VF-3000 Crusader testing units.

When the aerospace divisions of Stonewell/Bellcom and Shinnakasu merged to become Shinsei Industry, the VF-5000 Star Mirage became their first mass-produced variable fighter. A few VF-3000 Crusader testing units were deployed with the special operations unit "Dancing Skulls" circa 2020.

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