The VF-31A Kairos is a Variable Fighter featured in the Macross Δ television series. It is the mainstay fighter of Xaos, later used as a base to develop the VF-31 Siegfried line.

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit




Notes & TriviaEdit

  • In Macross Δ Scramble, the two Xaos original characters have custom-colored Kairos units: Hans has a red fighter while Fan uses a blue one. The light-blue unit is used by Mina Forte in one of the bonus missions from DLC Pack 2. Each color can be freely selected by the player in the Hangar.
    • Also in Delta Scramble, the VF-31A Siegfried testbed model is unlockable for Version 1.02, featuring the same base color as the original Kairos but also has an ita-design of Freyja Wion and Mikumo Guynemer on the main body.