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The VF-4SL Lightning III (VF-4SL ライトニングIII VF-4SL Raitoningu III) is a variable fighter from Macross The Ride.


The VF-4 Lightning III was originally developed as the successor to the VF-1 Valkyrie. It has a unique three-hull shape, and it excels at stealthiness and long-range trailing. The SL variant was designed to omit its arms, as well as a single part of the transformation mechanism that came from the original VF-4 Lightning III's specifications. The original Valkyrie was considered an anti-ship offensive unit, while the SL type could be referred to as the "VF-4 Lightly Equipped Type". It cannot transform into Battroid mode and can only transform into GERWALK, albeit armless.


Many of the SL and standard variants of the VF-4 that served as U.N. Spacy Long-Range Emigrant Fleet escort were phased out and sold for commercial and civilian use. This follows the trend of other older variable fighters such as the VF-11B Thunderbolt and the VF-14 Vampire. Years later, the appearance of the VF-4 airframe could be seen participating in the "Vanquish Races" in certain competitions where arms aren't needed, such as the "Ostrich Races".[1]



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