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The VF-9E Cutlass (VF-9E カットラス VF-9E Kattorasu) is a variable fighter from Macross The Ride.


The first-ever variable fighter completed by the talented Zentradi engineer Arugasu Seruzaa (Toran 825), which had it's maiden flight in 2021. It was deployed mainly for emigrant fleet escort duties and frontier planet defense. It is a light fighter that places importance on operations within an atmosphere.

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

Vanquish racer Nicolas Berthier's heavily modified E variant is a drastically improved upon A variant. It is the final variant of the VF-9 line, and has been refitted with engines that are approximately equal in output to the VF-22 Sturmvogel II. Even though the E type was developed with the purpose of improving the VF-9's maneuverability and be more akin to an Advanced Valkyrie Fighter's speed, the controls proved far too difficult to master and required Herculean effort to stabilize. Production was halted when several units exploded in midair.

While rumors abound regarding the ownership of this craft, Berthier is silent and wouldn't not discuss it. The 22 mm beam guns that are set in the lower part of the fuselage in fighter form have been remodeled into a laser communication device, and it cannot be used as a gun.

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