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The VF-X-4 is a test-bed variable fighter prototype that led to the development of the VF-4 Lightning III, first seen in the Super Dimension Fortress Macross television series.


Before the development of the VF-4 Lightning III, Stonewell/Bellcom built the VF-X-4 trial-production variable fighter as a prototype for the VF-4. The VF-X-3 was also built around the same time. Development started in 2005 and eventually test flights were conducted in which some VF-X-4 flights were flown by Space War I veteran Hikaru Ichijyo.

Technology and Combat Characteristics[]

The trial-produced VF-X-4 featured most of the key design features that would be included in the final VF-4 Lightning III design, but was initially built using 35% VF-1 Valkyrie parts (notably, the nose and forward fuselage of the VF-1 fighter). Hikaru Ichijo had a scale model of the VF-X-4 in his house in Macross City on Earth.

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For the Robotech equivalent, visit YF-4 Lightning.

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