The Vajra War is a conflict featrued in the Macross Frontier television series, between the humans and the Vajra aliens. The aliens were hostile at first, but eventually peaceful relations were established. The conflict lasted from 2048 (human encounter the Vajra) to 2059.

It began in the year and ended in 2059.

In 2048 the 117th Research Fleet was a research fleet that has landed on Galia 4. The Research was led by Dr. Norme on the Flagship SDFN-4 Global. When Ranka Lee began singing the song of Aimo, Vajra de-folded over the skies and orbit of Galia 4. In the ensuing conflict almost the entire 117th Research Fleet, uncluding its flagship, perished. Few known survivors include Ranka Lee, Major Ozma Lee as well as Grace O'Connor and Ranka Lee's brother Brera Sterne.

The New U.N. Spacy Colonial Fleet, the Macross Galaxy fleet. was the second Colonial/Military Fleet to encounter the Vajra aliens (date unknown), followed by the Macross Frontier fleet in 2059.

Though at first the conflict appeared to be an unprovoked attack by the Vajra upon the Macross Galaxy and Macross Frontier fleets of the New UN Spacy, it is now known that at least for the last part of the conflict the Vajra were manipulated into aggression by Grace O'Connor and her Cybernetic Conspiracy cohorts in the Macross Galaxy Fleet.