Vanessa Laird (ヴァネッサ・レイアード Vuanessa Reiādo?) is character that appears in the Super Dimension Fortress Macross television series. A First Lieutenant in the U.N. Spacy, she served as one of the Macross Operators on the SDF-1 Macross during Space War I.


Space War I

  • Kim responds to Vanessa's banter,
Vanessa was present on the bridge of the SDF-1 Macross during its launch day, which occurred on February 7, 2009.[1] She engaged in the banter after First Lieutenant Misa Hayase entered the bridge, jokingly saying she was surprised that her commanding officer was interested in men. (SDFM: "Boobytrap")

Later that day, during the calm before the battle, Vanessa reported to Captain Global that she had detected 24 additional UFOs on a descent vector to the Macross. She couldn't detect them before because the Reaction Weaponry used to intercept the first attack wave rendered their radar ineffective.



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  • Run Sasaki was a guest at Macross World Convention 2015.


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