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Variable Fighter Girls is a line of non-scale plastic model kits of characters based on the Variable Fighters of Macross Δ by Aoshima. Part of the Aoshima Character Kit Selection (ACKS), each kit consists of a VF Girl figure and a Valkyrie that transforms from fighter to Gerwalk to the VF Girl's armor suit via parts-swapping. The ACKS line also features characters from Full Metal Panic!, Godzilla x Mecha Godzilla, and Persona 5.

This article covers only the Macross releases.

ACKS MC # Model Series Yen Price Release Date Notes
01 VF-31J Siegfried Macross Δ ¥7,200 2018 April
02 VF-31J Siegfried (35th Anniversary) Macross Δ ¥7,400 2018 August Color variant of MC-01 with slight retooling to improve articulation and durability.
03 VF-31J Siegfried (Ver. 1.3) Macross Δ ¥7,200 2018 November Re-release of MC-01 using the retooling of MC-02. Includes new hand parts.
04 VF-31A Kairos Macross Δ ¥7,400 2018 December

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