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The Variable Glaug UNS (バリアブル・グラージ UNS Bariaburu Gurāji UNS) is a variable pod based on the original Glaug, seen in Macross M3 video game.

Technology & Combat Characteristics[]

The Variable Glaug was based upon the Roiquonmi Glaug used by the Zentradi forces in Space War I. The New Nile weaponry base designed the Variable Glaug UNS as a modified variant of the original and the new unit was test piloted during development by Moaramia Jifon.

Like variable fighters, the Variable Glaug UNS can transform into Fighter, GERWALK and Battroid configurations and features two arm-mounted beam guns, two anti-personnel guns and one large-bore beam cannon. The Variable Glaug UNS was a potent weapon during initial deployment and after the United Nations Military successfully assaulted the weaponry base on New Nile, they in turn created their own Variable Glaugs. A Miclone-piloted Variable Glaug for the United Nations Forces was built as well as an unmanned variant known as the Neo Glaug.


  • Large-bore Beam Cannon
  • Medium-bore Gun
    • One in each arm along with a small-bore gun.
  • Small-bore Gun
    • One in each arm along with a medium-bore gun
  • Small-bore Laser Cannon
    • Sides of nose in Fighter and GERWALK modes, on the sides of thighs in Battroid mode.

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