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Victor Halmstadt (ヴィクトル・ハルムスタッド) is an original character from the Macross Δ Scramble video game. He is a young pilot serving under Windermere's Aerial Knights.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Victor is serious person who is determined to see to it that all missions he handles will be successful. [1].

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

Victor has confidence in his superb piloting skills. While trained to handle only a Draken III at first, he is able to adapt to any machine ranging from other Variable Fighters, Destroids and even Zentradi battle armor with the greatest of ease. He excels in duels up close. [1].


Victor serves as the player's representative in Delta Scramble. His name can be changed anytime. Victor will be providing backup to his fellow Aerial Knights all throughout the game, and will also encounter pilots from past Macross series.


Dominic Udette

Hans' usual wingman in-game. Dominic is also training under Victor's tutelage.


Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Victor and Dominic can be fought as bosses in the Chaos Mission "Steel Mountain Engulfed In Flames" where he pilots a red Sv-262. Both their names will stay in the default setting even if the player changed them beforehand.


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