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"My Boyfriend is a Pilot" (私の彼はパイロット Watashi no Kare Wa Pairotto) is a song first featured in Super Dimension Fortress Macross. Originally sung by Mari Iijima, it was later covered by Megumi Nakajima.


Super Dimension Fortress MacrossEdit

  • Episode 5 Transformation (Instrumental)
  • Episode 11 First Contact
    • Instrumental during montage of Minmay's debut and Vermillion Flight's absence
    • First vocal version by Lynn Minmay.
  • Episode 13 Blue Wind
    • By Lynn Minmay after presenting bouquets to Misa, Hikaru, Max and Hayao.
  • Episode 15 China Town
    • Instrumental between Claudia visiting Roy's room and Minmay approaching the Fan Liner.
  • Episode 16 Kung-Fu Dandy
  • Episode 18 Pineapple Salad
    • From the Minmay Dolls on sale
    • Instrumental when Roy is walking through the Little White Dragon movie set.
  • Episode 20 Paradise Lost
    • From the Minmay doll the Zentradi spies show to their fellow crew.
  • Epsidoe 21 Micro Cosmos
    • Instrumental when Minmay and Kaifun exit their car to the premiere of Shao Pai Long.

The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love?Edit

  • After bridge scene.

Macross PlusEdit

Macross 7Edit

Macross FrontierEdit

  • Episode 4 Miss Macross
    • Ranka Lee performs it for the contest, this version is known as Watashi no Kare wa Pilot - MISS MACROSS 2059.

Macross Frontier Movie: The False SongstressEdit

    • Scene from episode 4 is reused on Ozma's television with him scolding Ranka for participating in the contest instead of going to school.

Uta Macross Sma-Pho De-CultureEdit


Watashi no kare wa PILOT
Kirari hikatte kyuukouka
GO to fukashite kyuujoushou
Nagaku o wo hiku hikouki kumo de
Ooki na HEART ga kasanete futatsu
Aoi oozora LOVE SIGN
I love you
You love me?
Dakedo kare ttara watashi yori
Jibun no hikouki ni onetsu nano
Watashi no kare wa PILOT

キューンキューン キューンキューン
キラリ輝って 急降下
ゴーと噴かして 急上昇
長く尾を引く 飛行機雲で
大きなハートが 重ねて二つ
青い大空 ラブサイン
I love you
You love me?
だけど彼ったら わたしより
キューンキューン キューンキューン

Whoosh, whoosh. Whoosh, whoosh!
My boyfriend is a pilot
Swoop down sparkling bright
Go and soar with a wipe
Drawing with his long vapor trail
A large double heart
In the blue sky, love sign
I love you
You love me?
But he's more infatuated
With his own plan than with me
Whoosh, whoosh. Whoosh whoosh!
My boyfriend is a pilot.


Lynn Minmay - My Boyfriend is a Pilot (私の彼はパイロト)

Lynn Minmay - My Boyfriend is a Pilot (私の彼はパイロト)

Notes & TriviaEdit


  1. 歌マクロス公式‏ on Twitter: "【楽曲追加✨】 💿私の彼はパイロット(PartⅠ) が追加されました! 「ライブ」の「超時空要塞マクロス」タブをチェック! 皆さまは、どの歌姫でライブしますか? #歌マクロス"

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