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Wilbur Garland (ウィルバー・ガーランド U~irubā Gārando) is a character from the Macross VF-X2 video game for the Sony Playstation. He is the commander of all special forces VF-X units, including VF-X Ravens. His hobbies include watching classic movies and musicals.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Wilbur was one of the founders of the VF-X Ravens, having been a veteran in the battlefield alongside Gilliam Angreat. He is silent, with a calm disposition. He is considered to have excellent judgment, never letting his personal feelings get in the way. He has earned a deep trust among subordinates. He never let his achievements get in the way of his duty. Due to his current position in military command, he no longer sees combat personally, yet his skills in the battlefield remain unmatched.

He and Gilliam have the same taste in old films and musicals, and many of the mission codes are based on Gilliam's suggestions.


In A.D. 2031, Wilbur graduated from the U.N. Spacy Variable Fighter Pilot Training Center. In 2032, he was Captain of the escort unit for the 28th Ultra-Long-Distance Emigrant Fleet. The emigration mission succeeded in 2034. In recognition for his achievements, he was selected as a candidate for the special task force planning organization aboard the CV-565 Saratoga II, the newly established for the VF-X units. In 2036, he, along with Gilliam Angreat formally established the VF-X Ravens. In 2042, he was promoted to Major and became captain of the 754th Special Forces Unit "Blackbird". He was then promoted to Colonel in 2045 and given command of "Stellar 1080". He is the director of special forces, which includes the VF-X Ravens.

He directed the VF-X units, including VF-X Ravens to wipe out the anti-United Nations Government insurgents. He had been aware of the existence of Latence for some time, and intentionally manipulated the mission contents and orders of the VF-X Ravens. He detained Aegis Focker after discovering he had made contact with Gilliam Angreat after he had defected to the Vindirance rebels.

If Aegis sided with U.N. Spacy, he allows Aegis to remain in the army, directing him to wipe out the remaining Vindirance forces.

If Aegis sided with Vindirance, Gilliam and Aegis form a strike team against Latence forces on Earth. He personally pilots his VF-22 Sturmvogel II, equipped with a Weapon Jamming Sound System, and takes out his former comrade, Gilliam. He then pursues Aegis, but is halted after Suzie Newtlet and other members of the VF-X Ravens (except Shun Toma) defect and prevent his progress. Aegis and Wilbur then duke it out, which ends with Wilber being defeated and killed.

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