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X-9 Ghost is a drone fighter that was first seen in the Macross Plus OVA. It was succeeded by AIF-9V Ghost V-9 many years later, its delayed deployment due to its participation in the Sharon Apple Incident.


The X-9 Ghost (nicknamed "Ghost Bird") was developed as an unmanned combat aerial vehicle for use within and outside of atmosphere. The goal of the X-9 project was to replace manned variable fighter aircraft with unmanned AI-controlled craft capable of achieving superior performance.

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The X-9 possesses incredible maneuverability and firepower without the restrictions of a living pilot and boasts performance that exceeds in all areas the next generation variable fighters. Furthermore, the Sharon-type artificial intelligence, a completely autonomous-control-type AI applied from the Sharon Apple core, was mounted and demonstrated combat ability unlike earlier Ghosts equipped with conventional semi-autonomous AI (such as the QF-3000E Ghost).



  • Laser guns x 5
  • Ventral missile launcher with 29 x high-maneuverability missiles


The X-9 was to be publicly unveiled at the 30th Anniversary of the Space War I Armistice in Macross City on Earth. Unfortunately, virtual singing idol Sharon Apple was also implanted with a bio-neural chip and became mentally unstable. After subduing the people of Macross City with high-frequency light and sound, Sharon Apple seized control of the X-9 Ghost computer and sent it to destroy the YF-19 piloted by Isamu Dyson and the YF-21 piloted by Guld Bowman. The X-9 proved more than a match for both the YF-19 and the YF-21 and able to dogfight the two fighters at once. The X-9 Ghost delivered several hits upon both fighters while remaining undamaged yet it was eventually defeated by Guld Bowman, but only at the cost of Bowman's life in a suicide run. With the X-9 prototype destroyed and the bio-neural chip scandal exposed in what came to be called the "Sharon Apple Incident," the Ghost project was abandoned.

The X-9 Ghost led to the development of QF-4000 Ghost Fighter and AIF-9V Ghost V-9.

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